Survey Participation Terms
  1. By participating in this Survey, I warrant and represent that:
    • My participation is voluntary;
    • My answers are truthful and to the best of my knowledge;
    • I have full authority to respond to these questions; and participation in this Survey will not violate any employer policies (if applicable) and/or agreements to which I may be bound; and
    • Information that I disclose in this Survey will not and does not violate any proprietary, personal or privacy rights of others (including HIPAA).
  2. I understand and agree that ownership of all data which I may provide in during the course of this Survey is assigned to and becomes the property of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP).  ACEP shall obtain and retain ownership of its copyright and its copyrighted materials in whatever form disseminated, or from whatever source the copyrighted data was originally acquired.
  3. I understand and agree that ACEP will maintain the information that I provide in strict confidence. No reference will be made in written or oral materials that could link you to this Survey. Information that I provide to ACEP will be combined with other submissions and ACEP will maintain copyright ownership of all data obtained from this Survey.