Richard Knudson-CRM MVP
VP, Dynamics CRM Practice
Manager, Magenium Solutions
John Gravely-Moderator
CEO, ClickDimensions
Matt Wittemann-CRM MVP
Author, Microsoft CRM
2011 Administration Bible

For all the talk about aligning sales and marketing business processes with Dynamics CRM, executing on that vision presents a variety of challenges.  Dynamics CRM, in combination with a marketing automation solution, has the ability to align processes, data, and people to optimize efficiency and drive more sales and a better customer experience.  

But to make your solution succeed, you need to focus on the right business needs, and the right software features - work flows, entities, roles, tasks, reports, and more.  No small task!

Join Microsoft CRM blogger Richard Knudson (Dynamics CRM Trick Bag), CRM 2011 Administration Bible author Matt Wittemann and ClickDimensions CEO John Gravely as they outline and demonstrate real life examples of enabling business process and reporting using Microsoft CRM workflow and ClickDimensions marketing automation.  In this live webinar Richard, Matt and John will take you through real scenarios that they have implemented in their businesses to use Microsoft CRM more effectively for sales, marketing and even service. 

Webinar recordings are available here